This year we have 2 options available for Halloween, every year pumpkin spice is the best seller so this year we’ve made one box dedicated to pumpkin scent lovers

Halloween Wax Melt Selection Box

This box has 24 melts in 5 different scents for £10 !

- 4 x Ghost scent

- 4 x Pumpkin Spice

- 8 x Dragons Blood

- 5 x Witches Brew

- 3 x Monster Mash

Pumpkin Lovers Wax Melt Selction Box

This box features 21 melts in 4 different pumpkin scents. This box is 20% heavier on average than our normal boxes. This box is £12, there is an option to buy one of each Selction box for £20

8 x Pumpkin Spice

3 x Frosted Pumpkin

5 x sweet Pumpkin Pie

5 x Caramel Pumpkin

Halloween Wax Melt Selection Boxes