The Lux Collection Features our most luxurious scents, these scents are some Of the most expenive blends we buy due to the ingredients used.


Each pack contains 10 rose shaped melts, the colour varies depending on scent


Fan Di Fondi


Fresh and modern, as well as classic and refined. Blends notes of citrus with soft woody tones and touches of basil, cardamom, red pepper and leather.


Balenci Florabotanica


A fragrance which attracts attention with its modern, attractive flacon and unusual ingredients. This fragrance envokes the senses of empowerment.


TF Rose Prick


Built around a triology of Roses. But this is no basic Floral, it is alive with Sichuan pepper, turmeric and tonka bean.


Pink Pepper & Rose


Soft and spicy, this blooming bouquet opens with rich fruity notes of blackcurrant and damson plum, that sink into a sumptuous heart of delicate petals. Spiced tones of carnation, rose and lily sit upon an indulgent cushion of warming amber and smooth woody nuances of creamy sandalwood and cedar.


Pink Sands


Similar to Yankee's Pink Sands. Bright Citrus, Coconut, Anise, Jasmine, Fresh Air, Spicy Vanilla all blended to give you an exotic island escape with a beautiful mix of bright citrus, sweet florals and spicy vanilla.


Rouge 540


An intense linear harmony of jasmine and saffron rounded with woody amber and fir balsam

Lux Collection Melts