Candle & Diffuser Care

Candle Care 
  • Each time you light your candle, give it time for the whole surface to melt and reach the edges of the glass, this is to avoid tunnelling.

  • After each burn, let the wax cool and trim the wick. this stops the candle smoking when re lit or black soot appearing.

  • Do not use the candle lid to extinguish the candle if it has a silicone seal, the candle can still be very hot after extinguishing and may cause the silicone to burn.

  • If smoking occurs, extinguish the flame, wait for candle to cool, trim the wick, remove trimmings and relight.

  • Do not burn your candle for more than 4hours in any one sitting.

  • Do not be tempted to burn your candle to the very end, when there is 10mm of wax remaining do  not relight the candle, clean out the existing wax and use the jar as a container, trinket box etc.

  • Don’t blow your candle out, if you have burned the candle correctly there will be a pool of wax, blowing will be extremely dangerous, use a snuffer, place a lid over the jar that isn't flammable, or using a wick tool, dip the wick into to wax and straighten.

  • Avoid placing your candles where they will be exposed to sunlight or harsh indoor lightning, such as spotlights.

Diffuser Care

  • The liquid used in diffusers is flammable, ensure they are kept away from open flames at all times.

  • Do not display the product directly on polished, finished or fabric surfaces as damage may occur if liquid is spilt.

  • Traditionally you would change the reeds around every 1-2 weeks, this is NOT necessary with the reeds we use. We use fibre reeds, these are custom made for use in reed diffusers and don't clog like rattan reeds. 

  • Placing your reed diffuser in a hot room will cause it to finish quicker but also give of a stronger scent.